Ever Wanted your Ordinary car to Sound like one of these !! ..?

Well your wishes have been answered!
Thanks to the ALL New Sound Racer ... Now you can !!

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Make your Car Engine Sound like a V8 Engine ... Electronic Device to make regular car engine sound like a Big V8, V10 or V12 Sports Engine
Normally: $128.00
Sale Price: $68.00
Savings: $60.00

Make your Engine Sound like a V8 !

Absolutely the Best Product we've ever been involved with
Makes your ordinary car engine Sound like a Beefy V8 Engine

Whether you have a 4cyl, 6cyl or Diesel this Electronic Device will make your car sound like a Big Beefy V8!
Totally the Coolest Product for the Motoring Enthusiast !

Stuck for Birthday Present and Christmas Gift Ideas?
This makes for the Best Birthday, Christmas or Fathers Day ideas ever!
Every man and his best mates will want this Awesome V8 Sound Maker !!
Watch this SoundRacer V8 Demonstration Video:

That's right, you can now change the sound of your car engine into a Real Sports Car V8!
Introducing the All New Sound Racer V8 ... Electronic Device that Plays your choice of real sports car engine and exhaust sounds through your car stereo.

So realistic you'd swear you were really driving a Mustang Shelby 351 V8 or Old School Holden or Ford Muscle Car V8 as you go racing through the rpms !!