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Sound Racer - X Series - V8, V10, V12 - SOUND FOR CAR ENGINE - ELECTRONIC
Make your Car Engine Sound like a V8 Engine ... Electronic Device to make regular car engine sound like a Big V8, V10 or V12 Sports Engine
Sports V8, V10, V12 Sound Generator
​Simple Plug and Play to Speakers

1 x V8, V10, V12 Sound Generator
Simple Plug and Play to Speakers

Makes your ordinary car engine
Sound Like a Big Sports V8
Mustang or Ferrari V10
Lamborghini V12 Engine !!

Easy to Bluetooth to your Stereo
Follows your real Engine RPM

Normally: $148.00
Sale Price: $98.00
Savings: $50.00

Product Code: SPORT-EXHAUST-SOUND-V8-V10-V12

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New SOUND-RACER X-SERIES - Deluxe Version

Make your car Sound like Any Sports Car ... V8, V10 or V12 !!!

NEW SOUND RACER - X Series has built-in Micro SD card slot to accept recordings of any engine in the world. Comes pre-programmed with Ferrari V10, Lamborghini V12 and Mustang Shelby V8 ... even a Harley V-Twin for those who want to use it on their motorbikes !!

Absolutely the Best Product invented in the last 20 years for car enthusiasts

Use it for cruising around, car shows, event, or just having fun with your mates. Select from any Sports Car engine sounds and even upload/record your own.

Comes with FM Transmitter to play through your car stereo.
Also has AUX-in and AUX-out depending whether you want to receive input from your stereo or phone and output to stereo or phone ..endless options!

Makes your ordinary car engine Sound like a Supercar !!!

Whether you have a four cylinder, six cylinder, petrol, Diesel or Gas this Electronic Device will make your car sound like a true sports car!!

Totally the Coolest Product ever !!
  • Top Selling Product all across Europe! ... over 140,000 units sold "
    Now Available in Australia ... Makes your Engine Sound like a SuperCar !!

    Absolutely one of the Best Products ever made for the car enthusiast!

  • SOUND RACER AUSTRALIA - SoundRacer X Version with V8 V10 V12 Engine Noise and Exhaust Sound Maker Module

    Engine Exhaust Sound Maker - Sound Racer X V8 V10 V12 and more

    V8 SOUND MAKER << SOUNDRACER X  / / / / / / / / / / /> /> VERSION with V8 V10 V12 Ferrari Sound