Sound Racer works by plugging into your vehicle Cigarette Lighter and listening out for the "Ripples" and "Frequency" changes produced from your engine Alternator. These ripples and frequency noise waves are transmitted through your vehicles voltage and electrical system wiring.

Once plugged into your vehicles cigarette lighter, you then "tune in" the SoundRacer to your Car Stereo through the FM Band. The Sound Racer comes with built-in FM Modulator so your stereo will pick up the output of the SoundRacer through selecting a free channel on your FM Stereo.

Once tuned in you then "Calibrate" your engine RPM to the SoundRacer. This is done by starting the engine and giving it a quick rev to 3000 rpm and letting it drop back to idle RPM. When doing this you will hear a "single beep" from your car Stereo Speakers and then a "double beep" when it returns to idle. This means the SoundRacer is fully calibrated.

Now when you go driving and revving through the engine RPM's the sound of a Shelby Mustang V8 Engine and Exhaust will come out of your stereo Speakers! This effect is so realistic you'd swear you were really driving a V8 Sports Car. Watch this brief 2 minute video:

The ability for SoundRacer to follow your engine RPM and Acceleration as well as Deceleration is remarkable! One of the biggest achievements of the SoundRacer product is its ability to give you a real Sports Car driving Experience! The New Sound Racer X now has Multiple Engine Sounds available including V8, V10, V12 and more !!
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Make your Car Engine Sound like a V8 Engine ... Electronic Device to make regular car engine sound like a Big V8, V10 or V12 Sports Engine
Sound Racer - X Series - V8, V10, V12 - SOUND FOR CAR ENGINE - ELECTRONIC
Normally: $148.00
Sale Price: $98.00
Savings: $50.00

Make your Engine Sound like a V8, V10 or V12 **

Absolutely the Best Product we've ever been involved with
Makes your ordinary car engine Sound like a Super-Car !!

Whether you have a four, six or eight cylinder Petrol, Diesel or Gas
Engine this Electronic Device will make your car sound like a Sports Car

The Best product ever invented for Car Enthusiasts !
Perfect Present or Gift for Fathers Day, Christmas, Birthdays

UPDATE 2017 : BONUS 5 Extra New Sound files !!
Taking the Total Sound types to 12 Vehicle Types
The SD Card provided can store over 1000 different sound files!
Only Available at the Official Sound Racer Australia!