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Sound Racer Questions: Australia

Welcome to Sound Racer Australia! In this section we hope to help answer all your questions and thoughts about SoundRacer product, performance, tips, specifications and enhancements.

Typical most often Questions include:

What is a Sound racer?
How do I get the Best Settings for my SoundRacer?
Why doesn't SoundRacer work on my car?

And many, many more...

We hope to be able to answer as many Frequently Asked Questions are possible you may have. If for some reason your specific question or curiousity is not answered here feel free to email us on or call us on 0488 820 860

Ok so with the formalities out of the way, let's get stated!

Is the SoundRacer a Perfect Product?

Answer: 1st Generation Product ...

SoundRacer is really the 1st product of it's kind in the world as we know it today. Launched in 2010 Sound Racer V8 was a protoytpe to concept to real world product development idea by Kenneth Palmestal in Sweden who sought to fill the void in the car performance and sound market to give regular car owners the thrill and sound of driving a V8 Mustang Shelby V8, Lamborghini V10, Ferrari V12 and Lexus LFA V10 Sports car and the later Supercars ... from your Honda Civic.

The Result ...?
Introducing SoundRacer ... The Device that makes your otherwise ordinary and boring car sound like some High Performance V8, V10 or V12 Supercar!

As you can appreciate with it being the 1st of it's kind and still very much a 1st generation product, SoundRacer is neither a perfect or direct representation of what it's like to own or drive a Sports Car or Supercar. At $68 it's not ever going to translate completely what it's like to drive a $480,000 Supercar so please bare than in mind, we make no claims it's exactly like driving a supercar

In saying this however, it does a remarkably good job of replicating engine and exhaust sounds that are well worth the $60-$70 price tag. In fact in our personal opinion we think SoundRacer is undervalued for the thrill, fun and sounds it can create. The inventor Kenneth Palmestal has spent many years of his own personal time, development and resources into bringing this product to the masses, and we thank him for it. Having driven many cars with sound racer fitted it's truly a very fun and exciting driving experience which most otherwise regular vehicle engine.

Since Kenneth has been involved in bringing this product to market, many High-End vehicle manufacturers have jumped on board with Kenneth and also external vehicle manufacturers have started creating their own versions of "Engine Noise Sound Generating Devices" including Audi, Tesla, Toyota, Peugeot, Renault, Porsche, Mercedes and even the F1 Formula One team are developing "Audio Enhancers" to increase the sound of the V6 Turbo formula one cars.

So, whilst SoundRacer is not a perfect product, it has it's downsides and limitations, it does however give many an option to make their otherwise quiet car more fun and exciting to drive!

Qu: 2
Why should I fit a SoundRacer?
Wouldn't I be better off just installing an upgraded exhaust to my car instead?

Answer: ... Good Question!!

This is probably the question we get asked most everyday!
Our best answer to this is ...How much does an upgraded Exhaust System Cost?
And following this, "What would your engine sound like with an Upgraded Exhaust"?
Lastly, if you did upgrade your exhaust, would it end up annoying you and your passengers..?

Ok, so starting with should I purchase an exhaust upgrade for my car?

Sure, go buy an upgraded exhaust for your car. They usually cost anywhere from $500 to $2000 depending on vehicle, quality of parts/manufacture, components and parts used as well as fitting and labour. Adding an upgraded free flowing exhaust can add power and performance and throttle response to your vehicle, and if your car has engine that sounds good with an upgraded exhaust and that's the way you want to go, we say "go for it" !!

Some things maybe to consider in the process...

Upgraded exhaust Systems on some cars can produce a "Bark, Drone or Crackle" sound that may be annoying to you inside the car, other road users as well as passers by. The simple fact is some cars just weren't meant to have upgraded free flowing exhausts because, well ...the engine sounds terrible with an upgraded exhaust. Some sound raspy and horrible with free flowing exhaust.

The other thing to consider is an upgraded noisy exhaust, depending on brand and quality, if not done right, or performed on an engine which doesn't sound any good with upgraded exhaust, become harsh, noisy and downright annoying inside the cabin of your car. Additionally you have no way of "switching this noise OFF" if it does start to annoy you. There is no "On and OFF" switch you can switch on and off depending on whether you want the noise at that particular point.

Sound Racer allows you to Electronically produce the noise through your in car stereo sound system, so if you don't like the noise or become bored with it, you can simply switch it off or turn it down. This is especially handy if you are stuck in peak-hour city traffic, have the missus, baby, family, grandparents or work colleagues in the car, or leaving home late at night or early in the morning and down't want to wake up the neighbours or household.

Some other benefits include not having to deal with Yellow Stickers, Defect Notices and Police from making your car continuously noisy with an external exhaust which you cannot switch off.

Qu: 3
What if Sound Racer doesn't work on my vehicle

Answer: There are some vehicles SoundRacer won't work on

These vehicles are listed on our website and updated from Sound racer head office Sweeden

In saying this though, In Australia we have some clever people who have worked out how to make the Sound racer product work on their vehicle where others who have tried it have not been able to get it to work. Sometimes this involves fitting an external cigarette lighter accessory socket or wrapping the positive power lead around the ignition lead of the motor 3 or more times.

Since being involved with SoundRacer product and found many solutions, we have now produced a "Patch Lead Kit" which allows you to get the Sound Racer working on your vehicle. This Permanently wired mounting kit has a switch for inside the cabin so you can switch your sound racer on and off easily without having to plug-in and un-plug from the cigarette lighter socket as you normally would. Additionally as it is permanently wired it has a memory storage capability which enables it to keep the settings and synchronisation from earlier in the day setting.

If for any reason with the patch lead you still cannot get the SoundRacer to work on your car you are absolutely welcome to send the SoundRacer and Patch lead back for Full 100% refund.

Qu: 4
Some people say SoundRacer is crap

Answer: ... Let them think and say that, everyone is entitled to their own opinion

At the end of the day Sound Racer is not going to please everyone. We are not in the business of trying to change anyone's minds or thoughts about SoundRacer, just to bring the facts, product abilities and limitations. We are not here to convert everyone into agreeing sound racer is the best product on earth. Just a fun product that can bring a few laughs to you and your passengers and make your car more thrilling and exciting to ride in and drive versus how it would be normally.

We would all like to be able to buy the real sports car or have a car with a great sounding engine and exhaust already fitted. However the reality is for whatever reason we are not able to afford the expensive sports car and pay for the maintenance and upkeep, so the SoundRacer is great way to have a bit of fun and get a bit more enjoyment out of driving than otherwise possible.

Can I get a Refund or Money Back on Sound racer if it doesn't work on my car?

Answer: Refunds are limited to product fault only, not vehicle Incompatebility

All SoundRacer units are thoroughly quality control tested and certified to work before they are despatched from Head Office Sweeden before arriving to us in Australia. The only reason SoundRacer wouldn't work is if you have late model vehicle with in-built electrical noise filters on the cigarette lighter socket, meaning the alternator ripples are not received by the SoundRacer unit.

In this case you will need to purchase the SoundRacer Patch Lead kit or Permanent wiring lead kit solution. This Patch Lead Kit and also Permanent Wiring Lead Kit is available from our website and easily DIY installed with just 2 wires. It's also better for SoundRacer performance and use as it is more consistent and keeps memory of settings throughout the day. If you are not prepared to spend a little bit extra to get SoundRacer working on your vehicle it's best not to purchase the product.

We recommend before purchasing SoundRacer you check whether your vehicle is listed or not listed as vehicles which do or do not work on the SoundRacer Sweeden website. We also recommend if you are not prepared to purchase the SoundRacer Patch Lead Kit or Permanent Wiring kit if it doesn't work on your car then it's best you don't purchase the SoundRacer product to begin with.

We are here to help if you require assistance in getting SoundRacer working on your vehicle, but for some vehicle this would require purchasing the SoundRacer Patch Lead kit solution. Please understand this before making your purchase. SoundRacer does work on 85% of vehicles and there are over 140,000 customers worldwide very happy with this product. But there are also 15% of vehicles which it won't work on from the cigarette lighter socket and will need the patch lead kit, please understand this before making your purchase. We are here to help you get SoundRacer working on your vehicle.

Does Sound Racer work on all cars?

Answer: Yes and No

The SoundRacer product is designed to work on all vehicles which have an internal combustion engine, for example Diesel, Petrol or Natural Gas. It will not work on Electric Vehicles or cars that do not have a regular combustion engine. If the car is Electric, Hybrid Electric or Hydrogen Sound Racer will not work on these vehicles. Only Diesel, Petrol and Natural Gas (LPG) engines.

Please Note: Sound racer is not recommended for vehicles with CVT Transmission.

Will SoundRacer work on my car?

Answer: Yes and No

As Above you would be required to check your car has Internal Combustion Engine, Diesel, Petrol or Natural Gas (LPG) engine and has a working Alternator which charges the battery. You would also require your cigarette lighter (accessory socket) to be functional and in good condition.

The reason SoundRacer might not work on your vehicle might be due to non working Alternator, non working cigarette lighter (or damaged contact terminals) Other reasons may be the electrical system does not emit enough "electrical noise pulses" for the Sound Racer to pick up on and determine engine RPM. If this is the case try switching on the Headlights, Rear Demister, Air Conditioner, Seat Warmers or anything that would increase the electrical load on your vehicle. This is usually enough to make Sound racer work on 85% of the vehicles currently on the roads.

If the Sound racer still doesn't work after all these items have been trialled then your vehicle may be one of the few it doesn't work on. In this situation you will need to purchase the "Patch Lead Kit" which gets around this issue by wiring directly to the battery and feed wire coming from the engine Alternator. This Patch Lead Kit and Permanent Wiring Kit solves virtually 99% of vehicles out there. It also has other benefits such as "keeping memory" of the synchronisation parameters throughout the driving day so you don't have to keep recalibrating Sound Racer every time you want to drive the vehicle. It also has other benefits in the regard it leaves your accessory socket free for you to plug in your GPS or other devices.

Does Sound Racer have any glitches or problems?

Answer: Yes and No

As mentioned above there can be some vehicles that Sound Racer does not work for. In some vehicles sound racer may work effectively but occasionally have a glitch or problem where it loses signal from the engine RPM and makes the sound stay at a particular point. In this instance it's best to put the gear lever into neutral and let the engine RPM drop back to idle, then give the accelerator a couple of pushes to 3000rpm and re-synchronise itself back with engine RPM.

If the SoundRacer is not setup or Calibrated properly then the engine RPM and the sound outputted RPM can be mismatched. In this case you need to re-calibrate the SoundRacer upon setup procedure to better match your engine RPM operating power-band. If say for example you have a Diesel engine that has effective operating RPM range of 1000rpm to 4000rpm then you only rev the engine to 2000rpm on calibration setup. If you have a Honda V-Tec that allows you to rev all the way through to 9000rpm you would set the SoundRacer to 4000rpm on initial setup procedure. This way it would better match engine RPM with the Sound output file engine RPM to give more realistic driving experience.

As Sound Racer is an electronic item with many sophisticated computer chips and software incorporated within the circuit boards there is always a chance of electrical glitches and not functioning properly. As with any electrical device, including TV's, Smart Phones, Computers, even flying Drones, there is always potential for things to not work effectively 100% of the time. In our time and experience with Sound racer we have noted on some vehicles it will occasionally stop working and must be reset or let the engine drop back to idle in Neutral gear and rev a couple of times to make it work again.

What if Sound Racer doesn't work on my vehicle?

Answer: Call us on 0488 820 860 and we can chat with you about any problems you might have setting up the Sound racer in your vehicle. We also recommend the Patch Lead Kit which makes Sound Racer work on 99% of vehicles even many new vehicles from 2016 onwards.

The "Patch Lead Kit" gets around the problem of some late model cars having electrical filters on their cigarette lighter accessory sockets. This kit, which is also known as the Permanent Wiring kit, contains permanent wiring leads, Low Voltage Cut-Out module, Digital Volt Meter readout all within an especially made customised box which you can mount in your cabin, engine bay, boot or wherever you like. It also comes with In-Cabin switch so you can switch sound racer on and off easily rather than having to plug in and out of cigarette lighter accessory socket. It also has improved "memory keeping" which remembers settings for calibration throughout the day so you don't have to keep re-calibrating and re-synchronising Sound Racer everytime you want to drive the vehicle. This is a huge upgrade and benefit to those wanting to use the SoundRacer often throughout the day.

What is a Sound Racer?

Answer: SoundRacer is a product developed by Kenneth Palmestal from Sweden, Europe.

Since it's introduction to Europe back in 2010 it has take the motoring world by storm! Featured on many news shows, car motoring magazines, TV shows, radio shows, car shows a frenzy of Sound Racer fans posting their own personal videos on YouTube, Facebook and other places online.

It is quite simply in our and many other motoring enthusiasts opinion one of the Best Products ever invented for the Motoring Enthusiast! Sure it has some minor glitches, limitations and problems, however these are set aside in the regard the Sound Racer makes driving a heck of a lot more fun.

With it's ability to synchronise with engine RPM by following the noise pulses generated by the vehicles Alternator and then play it through the vehicle's stereo the result it it's able to give incredibly realistic Sports Car and Supercar V8, V10 and V12 engine and Exhaust sounds!

It ranges all the way through the RPM throttle and accelerator up and down. The realistic tones and sounds of the professionally recorded Mustang Shelby V8, Lamborghini V10 and Ferrari V12 are exceptional! If you have a good quality stereo fitted to your car the results are even better!

Having used SoundRacer on a daily basis for a whole month, it was so much fun it makes you enjoy the thrill of racing through the RPM's like it was a true sports car. Interestingly the sound at times is so real you'd swear you were driving the real thing! Of coarse even though Sound Racer is a fantastic product it's never going to replace actually owning and driving the real sports car, however how many of us can really afford to buy the Mustang V8, Ferrari V12 or Lamborghini V10

As such SoundRacer is a fantastic product that allows us to have a bit more fun with the daily drive or cruise through the winding country roads. Also great for car shows, cruising through town with our mates, or just enjoying for yourself anytime you want to have a bit more thrill than your otherwise quiet and ordinary sounding car engine.

Sound racer is making driving more fun for many people worldwide.
At last count Kenneth from Sound Racer Sweden updated the figure as 140,000 sold worldwide!

What's the difference between SoundRacer V8 and SoundRacer-X ..?

Answer: Sound Racer V8 has only one sound output file, the V8 Shelby Mustang

The SoundRacer-X Series has a Micro slot which allows for any sound files to be uploaded. At the time of writing this FAQ section the Sound Racer X version contains the following Sound Files:

- Shelby Mustang V8
- Lamborghini V10
- Ferrari V12
- Lexus LFA V10

As well as more bonus sounds loaded within. The sound database is always expanding SoundRacer head office Sweden will make more files available as they become market ready.

SoundRacer-X series also has USB Socket for connecting iPhone or Smartphone and being able to play music from your phone through your car stereo. You can also connect SoundRacer X direct to your stereo using the 3.5mm headphone plug and socket port provided.

If you are wanting all the various Sounds we recommend to buy the SoundRacer-X series

How do I purchase a SoundRacer ?

Answer: You can buy one direct from our store

We ship to everywhere in Australia and have local stock which means you get yours within 3-4 working days by express airbag with tracking number for delivery. Our Webstore is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Alternatively if you're the type that prefers buying over the phone you are welcome to call us on 0488 820 860 during business hours Perth time.

For those that are mad keen car motoring enthusiasts we recommend to buy the "Patch Lead Kit" also known as the "Permanent Wiring Kit" to get maximum benefit and use from your Sound Racer. If you're like us you'll want to use your SoundRacer everyday, many times a day and having the permanent wiring kit installed will give the sound racer setting memory throughout the day.

Any further Questions or Enquiries feel free to call us on 0488 820 860

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