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“Makes your car sound like a V8 Sports Car or Ferrari Supercars” !

The greatest invention for Car Fans Worldwide! As you're reading through this website you will probably notice a great deal of Exuberance about this product. That's because SoundRacer is the most exciting product we've ever promoted in Australia!

Buy one for yourself, plug it into your cigarette lighter, go for a drive and within minutes you'll understand why this is the most raved about and media covered product for the motoring enthusiast in over 20 years!

There simply is no other product like Sound Racer in the world!

The amount of fantastic reviews and fun we've experienced, and those who've purchased the product have experienced, we are very proud to be promoting this great product! There simply is nothing else like like Sound Racer on the market.

At under $68 it's simply the Best "Bang-For-Buck" fun Sports car Sound making device anyone who's nuts about cars could ever want.

We are very proud to be the Retailer for Sound Racer products in Australia!
It's simply the Best Product we've ever had the pleasure to deal with.

One of our very first customers, Darren from Carlisle says:

SoundRacer is quite easily the Best Product Ever Invented for the Motoring Enthusiast" - the amount of fun and driving excitement I've had with this thing is incredible! Absolutely the best money I've ever spend on a a cool gadget ".

Our Local resident Revhead Steve from Ridgewood says:

Would totally recommend this to anyone who likes racing and accelerating through the revs. Makes my ordinary Commodore sound like a V8 Supercar "!!

You can read many of the local reviews and thousands from around the world here: Reviews and Testimonials for SoundRacer products

There's no other Gadget like Sound Racer on the market.

Especially with all the New features of Sound Racer X with multiple enhancements, upgrades and options. The Sound Racer V8 is simple to use. Just plug into your cigarette lighter, tune into your stereo, calibrate your engine RPM and go racing!

It's that simple! The sound is so Realistic you'd swear you were really driving a Shelby Mustang V8 !! It's so funny to see the look on your passengers faces when you show it to them for the first time! Works on most vehicles with detectable ripple coming through the engine alternator.

For more information about this Great Product including features, options, specifications, how it works, and demonstration videos, have a look around our new website. We're sure, like most, by the time you've finished reading you'll be excited to get your Sound Racer delivered to you ASAP

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